Color Bindery DVD PresentationsUsing your photos and video clips, we can create unique keepsake DVDs.

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We all have had special moments with loved ones that can not be duplicated, vacations we cherish more than others, or memories of time gone by. Memories we wish could be relived. Now you can relive those golden moments whenever you want, in the privacy of your own home, on your television or computer.

Recent tragedies like Hurrican Katrina, have shown all of us the importance of preserving our valued belongings and family heritage, including photos and videos. Without these, we would never have the chance to relive that trip to Italy, honeymoon in Vegas, the Grand Canyon, the day we met that most beautiful woman, or handsome man we wanted to marry.

Our products ensure that those treasured memories are saved forever on DVD. We create unique slideshows, complete with music, animation and guided tours, that can be viewed on most DVD players. The great part about this product is that we also add high-resolution versions of the photos on the same disc, that can be downloaded to any PC or MAC computer with a DVD drive, and printed on-demand.

Our DVD Reels are perfect for:

  • Family Photos and Videos
  • Wedding Video Conversions
  • Vacation or Prom Photos
  • Actor & Model Reels
  • Retirement Celebrations
  • Family Histories
  • Corporate Presentations
  • In-Store Presentations

Here are some of the uses of a DVD presentation:

  • Photo and Video DVDs
  • DVD Greeting Cards
  • Actor/Model DVD Reels
  • Artist/Photographer DVD Portfolios
  • Convert VHS/8MM tapes/Mini-DV to DVD
  • Data and document DVD Presentations
  • Powerpoint slideshow-to-DVD conversion
  • Transfer existing DVD clips to new master DVD
  • Animated Business Cards
  • Product and Real Estate Tours
  • Video Biographies and Memorials
  • (Focus on a person’s family and life)
  • Tribute reels
  • (Similar to a video biography, but focusing
  • primarily on a person’s business achievements)

We’ll optimize the presentation for:

  • The Web (including Social Networks likes MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • PDA Devices (including iPhones, iPods, Web-enabled Mobile Phones)
  • Flash Movies and Widgets
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (Presentations may be altered for compatibility)

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